Dinçer Lojistik Microsoft 365 Project

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Microsoft 365


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Medium (50 – 999 employees)




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Dinçer Lojistik provide uninterrupted, high-quality, fast logistic services through a fully integrated infrastructure & application platform

Dinçer Lojistik provides its customers with a timely, error-free, and excellent service in domestic distribution services with 8000 vehicles registered in its system, 130 self-owned fleet, 54,500 voyages per year and 25,000 call points. They adopted a service platform that can be accessed from anywhere with smart systems, mobility, and reporting structures. Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, and PowerBI contributed to Dinçer Lojistik success allowing better collaboration and boosting productivity. Looking to the future, the company is planning to adopt Microsoft Azure globally, not only in Turkey. Dinçer Lojistik , founded in 2003, provides contract logistics services to leading companies in the Mineral Oil, Packaging, Paper, Industrial Product, and Paint & Chemistry sectors. Dinçer Lojistik, with its vehicle fleet and expert staff in accordance with ADR standards, offers its customers a safe service at international standards in the transportation of packaged chemicals. It offers storage and value-added services as well as distribution services to its customers and plays an active role in all processes from the raw material procurement stage to the delivery of the product to the final consumer. Dinçer Lojistik provides its customers with a timely, error-free, and excellent service in domestic distribution services with 8000 vehicles registered in its system, 130 self-owned fleet, 54,500 voyages per year and 25,000 call points. Dinçer Lojistik provides storage and distribution services in accordance with the needs of its customers in a strategically designed 70,000 m2 storage area, including 1 central and 8 regional warehouses


Dinçer Lojistik Microsoft 365 Project


Provide uninterrupted, high-quality, fast logistic services
The services you provide according to today’s customer expectations must be uninterrupted, high quality, safe, and fast. Failure to meet these requirements in the logistics industry is synonymous with failure to achieve customer satisfaction. Dinçer Lojistik had to put technology at the center of the services provided. They adopted a service platform that can be accessed from anywhere from smart systems, mobility, and reporting structures. Providing these services is an important aspect of the business, but first you need to create a coordinated, manageable, auditable, integrated, and secure service infrastructure in the background. Without an infrastructure solution that allows you to consolidate business units and services data, it would have been impossible to provide the level of service required by our customers.

Moreover, our most important goal was to create a continuous and efficient connection between our employees and the company wherever they were. With Microsoft’s cloud-based services, we met this need at a high level and increased our productivity significantly, despite the pandemic period. These services are no longer just a need arising due to circumstances, but an indispensable platform for our productivity. By including new services in this platform, we continue to provide the best service to our customers regardless of place and time.



A fully integrated infrastructure and application platform
At this point, the importance of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, HR and PowerBI reporting solutions is self-evident. Especially with these services provided as SaaS, we can act regardless of time by providing access from anywhere. In fact, pandemic led us to get familiar with many Microsoft products that we have not used very often before, and to use these products effectively.


Better communication within employees and better service to clients
We connected all employees and business units with Microsoft Teams. We can effectively conduct meetings from wherever we are unlike previously, when we had to physically gather face-to-face. Recording interviews, using visual products, archiving the meeting notes completely, and being able to hold meetings independently from any location via mobile devices gave us a serious dynamism. We had the opportunity to keep track of any job or task efficiently, thanks to the MS Planner organizing work on a single platform, instantly informing every relevant person from a single location, managing and reporting. With Office 365, which is fully integrated with each other, we had the opportunity to fully meet our e-mail, document management and mobility needs. Thanks to our SharePoint corporate intranet, which connected the entire company, we have provided different departments the opportunity to connect to each other in an effective and fun way, and we have carried the internal communication to the highest level. We have created a corporate environment that is interconnected, where information is continuously available to those concerned.

We received very positive feedback from our employees and customers with these system investments we made. Although the most important thing seems to be convenience and accessibility, we can clearly say that the smart and process-based structures of the systems make a great contribution to providing complete and integrated services. In addition, thanks to continuously evolving infrastructure, we can meet the needs and expectations on the platform in a short time. Microsoft’s partner ecosystem also allows these improvements to be made by expert companies at affordable costs. This plays a very positive role in meeting customer demands. We have achieved this opportunity not only through the integration of systems, but also thanks to the integration of all units that touch the process. No data loss, full integration of Office applications with these systems, and mobile structures were the biggest factors in revealing this potential.



As the next step, we plan to move the data center services, for which we currently use Microsoft infrastructure, to Microsoft Azure globally, and not only in Turkey, and getting it ready for use as soon as possible will be a great advantage to our company. Uninterrupted, secure, and fast infrastructure which supports each node of our logistics services best will enable us to continue meeting customer satisfaction at the highest level. Finally, as an R&D department, we keep our agenda by following Microsoft’s existing and new products that are constantly improving with the ever-evolving information technologies. We take care to inform users about these products and to include them in our business processes. Having every solution that will increase our service quality and facilitate our business implemented will carry the service we provide to our customers to the highest level.