Power Automate

Connect your apps, data, and services and boost your team’s productivity with cloud flows—the digital process automation (DPA) capability in Power Automate.

Optimize any business process with DPA


Intuitive interface; Create automated workflows quickly with a low-code, logic-based interface that anyone can use, regardless of their technical expertise. Make it easy for your team to work with information stored in the cloud, on-premises apps, and databases.

Hundreds of connectors; Easily connect to more than 750 apps, data, and services—or create and submit your own connectors.

Thousands of templates; Choose from thousands of templates to get a start on automating tasks and workflows.

Easy access; Automate anywhere, anytime from the web portal, mobile app, or Microsoft Teams.

Intelligent automation; Add intelligence to your automation with AI Builder. Use AI to automate data extraction from documents, route emails to the right person, and predict future outcomes using historical data.

Express design with AI (preview); Use natural language to tell Power Automate what to do. Simply describe what you want to automate, and Power Automate uses AI to build the flow for you in seconds.


Run automation with human interaction or in the background

Built into Windows 11; Create desktop automations quickly with Power Automate for desktop, directly from your Start menu in Windows 11.

Help reduce costly mistakes and improve security; Safely automate at every level with built-in exception handling and available governance, privacy, and data loss–prevention technology.

Simplify and scale automation with hosted RPA; Easily deploy and scale automation across your enterprise using Microsoft-hosted virtual machines powered by Azure.

Ready-to-use examples; Ramp up learning and creating with desktop flows examples in Power Automate for desktop. Understand logic and customize prebuilt examples to meet your needs.


Automate multistep processes with BPA

Process designer; Quickly map out the stages and steps of your business process flow.

Stages; Follow a visual guide that shows current progress and the steps associated with it.

Action center; Make it easier to grant approvals and perform next steps by viewing a business process flows list.

Run cloud flows; Easily run cloud flows—right from your business process flow.

Security; Easily run cloud flows—right from your business process flow.

Prebuilt processes; Control access and visibility for specific business process flows.

Image of Prebuilt processes; Start quickly with ready-to-use business processes for common scenarios.

Understand and improve your processes

Get started quickly with the intuitive interface; Discover insights and optimization opportunities in just a few steps using process advisor.

Better understand your workflows; Capture rich visual maps and gain clear insights for process improvement using built-in analytics and process maps.

Improve your business processes; Optimize your workflows and reduce inefficiencies using deep insights based on business data.


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