Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional service on any channel.

Make agents’ work effortless

Copilot; Save agents' time by using generative AI to search for relevant and accurate information on trusted websites and internal documents, including previously resolved issues and knowledge articles.

Real-time insights; Help agents be more efficient with real-time insights, visibility into active conversations, and proactive recommendations.

Case management; Provide agents with the ability to track and resolve customer issues quickly with 360-degree view of the customer’s journey.

Collaboration; Bring experts together to quickly resolve complex cases through embedded Microsoft Teams and intelligent case swarming.

Agent desktop; Enable your agents to do their best work with an all-in-one, multisession desktop experience, including profile histories and engagement transcripts.

Intelligent routing; Increase first-contact resolution with intelligent unified routing that classifies issues and assigns them to agents with the right skillset.

Enable intelligent self-service

Conversational chatbot; Deliver relevant responses in real time with AI-powered chatbots. Resolve customer issues quickly with intelligent conversational bots that connect trusted websites and internal documents using generative AI.

Conversational IVR; Provide a powerful conversational experience with IVR. Resolve customer issues quickly through human-like interactions as IVR bots connect trusted websites and internal documents using generative AI.

Self-serve with automation;  Automate routine tasks as well as sophisticated transactions.

Knowledge management; Provide customers with immediate access to the right content and knowledge articles.

Community portals; Collaborate, share tips, and gather rich insights from other users and experts with personalized community portals.


Optimize service operations

Customer and channel analytics; Get precise insights into customer engagement center performance to track KPIs and find opportunities to enhance CSAT.

Conversational analytics; Detect emerging trends and identify opportunities for improvement across support topics, agent-customer interactions, and knowledge management.

Robotics process automation; Eliminate manual processes with more than 700 prebuilt flows, and add custom data connectors to your ecosystem.

Comprehensive reporting; Monitor success using unified KPIs, and analyze agent actions with knowledge search insights.

Open and extensible in a single, unified platform; Increase efficiency and reduce costs by building on existing capabilities and seamlessly interoperating with business applications—all within one platform.

Meet customers where they are

Voice channel; Effectively communicate with customers in the language of their choice.

Digital engagement; Whether it’s through email, text message, social network, or virtual assistant, provide faster service to customers on their digital channel of choice.

Real-time translation; Effectively communicate with customers in the language of their choice.

Sentiment-based routing; Based on the customer’s emotions and needs, route the case to the right agent every time.


Meet customers where they are

360-degree view of customers; Seamlessly manage customer requests from any channel while handling multiple sessions at the same time.

Customer journey analytics; Gain insights into how consumers interact with your brand throughout their journey, and tailor personalized offers and recommendations.

Sentiment analysis; Deliver personalized responses in context with AI capabilities that monitor customer engagements and understand customer emotions and needs in real time.

Predictive targeting; Track and analyze customer behavior and data to identify engagement opportunities, reduce cart abandonment, and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Biometric authentication; Use voice and behavioral recognition for a fast and personalized way to verify customer identities.



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