Power Virtual Agents

Design engaging conversational bot experiences for customers and employees using rich AI and automation.

A modern bot-design experience


Bot conversations made easier; Use the low-code graphical interface to design complex, multi-turn conversations including questions, logic, responses, and more.

Conversations enabled by AI; Create engaging bots using the latest natural language prompts and generative AI capabilities with Copilot in Power Virtual Agents. Use slot/entity filling, trigger improvements, and self-learning capabilities for continuous improvement.

Rich data and logic manipulation; Transform and reuse bot-gathered data with variable management. Using low-code Microsoft Power Fx language, bots can handle complex logic for sophisticated conversations.

Personalized and contextual bot responses; Enrich conversations with multimedia responses including interactive adaptive cards, images, videos, and quick replies. Enhance user engagement with individualized experiences.


Hassle-free scaling

Multichannel publication amplifies your bot's reach; Easily publish to multiple channels, including Microsoft Teams, Facebook, websites, and more. Expand your bot's reach and engage with customers wherever they are.

Language that speaks to customers; Reach out in 23 languages to customers and colleagues around the globe, providing them with a seamless conversational experience in their preferred language.

Global reach with local data management; Adjust to demand without managing infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrades-saving time and reducing costs-using a globally distributed SaaS backed by the power of Power Platform and the Microsoft Cloud.

Comprehensive bot monitoring and analytics; Achieve peak bot performance with built-in analytics, including tracking critical KPIs automatically to gain valuable insights. Get better control and custom analytics using Power BI.


Enhanced capabilities for professional developers

Effortlessly switch into code; Switch between the visual editor and code in one click to view and edit the logic behind your topics. Share and reuse topic logic with ease.

Trigger advanced bot responses; Create more dynamic and personalized conversations for users with bot responses or actions based on events that occur outside of the bot.

Streamline deployments with ALM; Implement application lifecycle management (ALM) with Power Platform Build Tools in Azure DevOps and automate continuous build, test, and deployment of Power Virtual Agents solutions.

Power Platform Solutions


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