When it comes to operational leasing, first of all, long-term car rental transactions come to mind. However, leasing offers presented with the set of services under periodical contracts are becoming widespread in almost every area ranging from copying and printing systems to alarm monitoring systems and work machines.

Like every growing sector, there is a need for a centralized solution to meet the end-to-end needs in operational leasing. In case of a variety of contracts, the number of leased devices or vehicles, the increase in the number of locations, it is impossible to track all of them manually and manage them effectively.

Pargesoft’s Operational Leasing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution responds to this need by gathering the processes from the central to the most peripheral devices under the same roof. Basic needs such as inventory tracking, multi-location inventory tracking, barcode and serial number based tracking, hand terminal based warehouse management are among the sector’s specific solution improvements.

Profitability analysis comes at the forefront of the financial needs of the operational leasing industry. Companies that have a well-established system as regards the pricing and profitability on the basis of control, type of service, geographical region and business line can manage their processes more effectively. Cost and profitability analysis at the vehicle or device level under the contracts tracked by Pargesoft’s billing and cost policy provide support to take more correct steps in decision making. Thus, companies have a significant competitive advantage.

Variable cost and flexible contracts very easy to prepare

At the center of the solution, there is a card-based database for the leased device, vehicle and machine. The devices that are purchased, produced or imported are registered here. The additional costs and conditions specified in the lease contracts are easily added to the system developed by Pargesoft. For example, in car rentals, variable costs such as OGS and toner and paper expenses regarding the copying machine leasing can be stated in contracts.

In this way, besides leasing the device with a fixed rental fee, variable pricing can be designed according to usage style and level. The size of the photocopy, the color / colorless preference and other usage scenarios can thus be priced separately. When the thumbwheel switch data is entered into the system through IoT, web integration or ERP, each transaction can be automatically billed. When the billing period begins, the processes that last for weeks and are open to human error are realized in a fast, efficient and error-free way through Pargesoft Operational Leasing solution.

Contract, installation and maintenance under the same roof

A service cycle begins when the device / vehicle is delivered to the customer and the first installation is done. Service needs become a recurring process in operational leasing. Repetitive service interaction is required for toner changes in copiers, periodic maintenance in car rentals. Numerical information is read by service crews. When a fault occurs in the leased vehicles, the service part is activated.

Pargesoft Operational Leasing solution brings service management under the same roof as leasing and contracting processes. All service transactions regarding the contract, customer and device are monitored through the central system.

In case the authorized dealer or service is included in the process during the installation phase, authorized vendors of advanced B2B portal solutions are matched to contract and customer information from the moment of the first installation. With this process, it becomes easier to include in the billing the services that carry out the installation and provide maintenance.