Dynamics 365 Marketing

Engage with customers one on one, at scale, to build meaningful relationships and grow your business.

Engage customers in real time

Design customer-led experiences; Engage one-on-one using personalized journeys triggered by customer interactions. Take advantage of built-in event triggers or build custom ones.

Orchestrate real-time journeys; Orchestrate journeys based on real-time interactions across channels including email, push notifications, text messaging (SMS), and custom channels such as WhatsApp. Prevent messaging fatigue with frequency capping.

Deliver one-on-one experiences; Create compelling one-on-one experiences through digital channels and interactions across marketing, sales, and service. Engage with customers when they want and on their preferred channel using AI-driven suggestions.

Take advantage of real-time customer data changes; Easily begin new customer journeys without developing code. Create holistic journeys based on real-time data changes across any Dynamics 365 app.

Simplify journey management; Encourage customer action by sending reminders and repeating messages until a qualifying event or activity occurs. Streamline email delivery by sending without using advanced segment builders.

Personalize customer experiences with AI

Act on a 360-degree understanding of the customer; Connect with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to improve personalization, turn insights into relevant actions in customer journeys, and visualize customer interactions.

Delight customers with rich personalization; Easily create personalized messages using AI-generated content ideas and automatically include dynamic content to maximize engagement with each customer.

Easily create engaging content with AI assistance; Create email content easily and efficiently with content ideas, a capability of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Use AI-generated content including images, offers, and dynamic content to personalize engagements.

Experiment to increase engagement; Run A/B tests to find and use resonant content. Personalize channels for each customer based on their previous activities and preferences.

Improve marketing effectiveness; Use real-time KPIs and dashboards to track business goals, journey performance, and content effectiveness. Enhance customer journeys using out-of-the-box analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboards.


Build seamless experiences through collaboration

Stay in the flow of work; Collaborate and engage across the entire customer journey using built-in Microsoft Teams chat. Organize chats throughout distinct phases of the journey and connect with teammates for immediate feedback.

Get a holistic view of customer activity; Align teams across your company by sharing a single, real-time view of customer context across all your Dynamics 365 applications. Help protect customer data by using the trusted Microsoft Cloud.

Create sales activity triggers; Activate a sales sequence or create sales activities triggers directly from your journeys to get your sales team involved as soon as possible to close leads.

Easily customize and extend the application; Connect to a wide range of business systems, automate processes, and easily customize end-to-end journeys with the flexibility of Microsoft Power Automate.

Stay organized and operate at scale; Easily manage email content and workflows across different brands by creating brand profiles. Define access by global and local levels to support strategy across brands, geographies, and product lines.

Respect customer preferences and uphold compliance; Manage customer contact preferences using subscription centers and built-in features to support compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA regulations, and accessibility guidelines.


Win customers and earn loyalty faster

Design end-to-end journeys that increase engagement; Create personalized journeys using demographics and behaviors to orchestrate experiences across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. Act on feedback using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Target the right audience; Easily create segments for contacts and leads, no matter how complex the targeting criteria, using a refreshed segment builder and natural language.

Segment audiences faster with generative AI;  Quickly and accurately create real-time segments with simple, conversational prompts using natural language with query assist, a capability of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Bring cohesiveness across the end-to-end customer journey; Enable service, sales, marketing, or other customer experience–focused teams to drive impactful interactions. Search, filter, and view all real-time marketing activities from a unified timeline.

Nurture leads and accounts; Send periodic newsletters, transactional emails, and timely personalized notifications. Score individual leads or run account-based marketing campaigns to align with sales.

Turn event, meeting, and webinar attendees into loyal customers; Simplify event and webinar planning. Nurture registrants before, during, and after the event to improve attendee engagement and deliver world-class webinars with Microsoft Teams.



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