Dynamics 365 Commerce

Deliver unified, personalized, and seamless buying experiences for customers and partners.

Omnichannel engagement

Deliver a rich, personalized, and seamless purchasing experience; Provide exceptional experiences across traditional and emerging channels, or across different business models, scenarios, and personas. Connect digital, in-store, and back-office operations on a unified commerce platform.

Offer consistent, frictionless customer engagement; Empower customers to decide when, how, and where they want to purchase—on any device, and across online and offline channels.

Provide choice and convenience; Empower customers to buy online and pick up in store or receive home delivery via connected ordering and fulfillment tools.

Create and manage sales promotions; Centrally manage promotions across all channels, organized by store, catalog, or customer affiliation, using accurate, real-time omnichannel sales and cost data.

Expand business partner engagement; Use purpose-built functionality and capabilities needed by B2B organizations and users for self-service buying experiences.


Customer loyalty and rich personalization

Personalize customer experiences; Enhance customer experiences across shopping channels, exceeding expectations by offering tailored product selections.

Expand customer choice; Deliver virtually endless purchasing options by offering customers access to your full product catalog, in store or online, regardless of stock levels or location.

Get a 360-degree view of your customer; Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to seamlessly connect physical and digital storefronts, giving you a single view of customer transactions, observational data, and behavioral data.

Empower your employees; Help employees foster lasting relationships with customers through AI-driven recommendations, insights, and loyalty programs.

Enhance your sales capabilities; Take advantage of native support for Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service to address all aspects of the buying journey.


Streamlined digital commerce

Create engaging, intelligent digital storefronts; Quickly launch websites using drag-and-drop content authoring and Sitecore CMS integration with an easy-to-use visual page builder.

Better engage shoppers; Deliver personalized, appealing web experiences with content-driven commerce strategies.

Enrich the B2B buying experience; Bring the powerful, intelligent, and user-friendly capabilities of B2C e-commerce to your business partners. Enable partner-specific catalogs and customized pricing.

Streamline management across channels; Get a single view of content, assets, promotions, inventory, and pricing across physical and digital channels—customizations and partner-specific catalogs included.

Quickly test and evolve your digital channels; Take advantage of experimentation and personalization tools supported through the Optimizely experimentation platform.


AI-driven intelligent commerce

Improve attach rate and increase basket of goods; Cross-sell and upsell products using AI-based recommendations that help customers easily and quickly discover products that are relevant to them.

Help increase revenue and protect your reputation; Use Commerce with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to help decrease fraud, reduce operational expenses, and increase bank acceptance rates.

Increase customer conversion rates; Utilize AI-moderated ratings and reviews that improve product selection and accelerate purchase decisions.

Help customers find products easily; Take advantage of intelligent, context-aware product search powered by Azure Cognitive Search to help customers search online and in store.

Improve accessibility for every customer; Use Commerce authoring tools and Accessibility Insights to help customers of all abilities easily access page content.


Connected customer journeys

Create seamless customer journeys; Easily orchestrate personalized multichannel journeys by using Commerce with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Maximize customer conversions; Take advantage of customized, authentic e-commerce experiences and rich, engaging product pages to reduce customer-abandoned carts.

Rapidly respond to customer needs; Quickly create sophisticated, AI-powered chatbots that resolve common issues and answer questions 24 hours a day using Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Boost customer satisfaction; Support customer inquiries and post-sales experiences using intuitive tools for call center and service center management.

Effectively target customers; Use segmentation via rich customer data such as device type, geolocation, market, or language to effectively group audiences and deliver more relevant campaigns and shopping experiences.


Headless, scalable API-first solution

Rapidly start and deploy API-first commerce; Support traditional, new, and emerging channels by using an agile, API-driven headless commerce engine to help you adapt to current and emerging needs.

Quickly and easily customize your solution; Employ a configurable and extensible platform that expands to fit your business needs.

Meet global business needs; Expand your business with flexible deployment options on premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Automatically apply trade-agreement pricing.

Proactively safeguard your data; Take advantage of cohesive security management and comprehensive compliance coverage to run your business with confidence.



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