Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Empower your organization to quickly collect and understand omnichannel feedback at scale to build better customer experiences.

Listen to every customer

Easily collect data from desired audiences; Scale customer, employee, or market data collection with continuous data updates, branching, and emoticon responses to track your business performance and customer satisfaction.

Create robust and flexible personalized surveys; Deliver engaging surveys with ready-to-use templates that include question sets, workflows, and branding customization such as colors, images, and text formatting.

Gather feedback across engagement channels; Track your customer satisfaction through email, text, web, QR code, and mobile feedback collection.

Optimize outreach at the right time; Decide when and where to send surveys in the customer journey through automation with Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps and Power Automate).


Uncover deeper insights

Understand what matters most; Create and track the customer satisfaction metrics critical to your business, such as Net Promoter Score and satisfaction over time.

Uncover valuable insights; Visualize insights in the customer profile dashboard, built on Power BI, to evaluate impact and perception.

Connect and share learnings across departments; Integrate feedback across your business applications (Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Field Service, and Customer Insights) to align insights and decisions.

Build unified customer profiles; Ensure a complete understanding of customers in a true 360-degree view by using Customer Insights with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.


Take proactive action

Accelerate response time; Combine real-time survey responses with data from your customer data platform to proactively identify actionable insights.

Tailor future interactions; Intelligently pinpoint and visualize the areas of improvement needed to drive effective engagement across touchpoints.

Make data-driven decisions; Set triggers within your business processes to automatically alert you and predict when customers need attention.

Close the feedback loop; Improve customer experiences through real-time follow-up actions in customer journey orchestration within Dynamics 365 Marketing.



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