Intelligent Insights with Business Central

Intelligent Insights with Business Central

Intelligent Insights with Business Central; As a user of Business Central online, you have full access to scenarios that are based on the intelligent cloud, such as KPIs that are based on machine learning, or when you view your data in Power BI. However, while Business Central is a cloud-first service, also those customers who need to run their workloads fully on-premises or on the intelligent edge connected to the cloud can do so.

If you are interested in Business Central, you can sign up for a free trial online, or you can choose to work with a partner to deploy Business Central locally to your own choice of hardware. You can then decide to get intelligent insights by connecting to a tenant in the cloud. As a result, the data from your locally deployed Business Central will be replicated to the cloud for intelligent cloud scenarios.

Connecting to the intelligent cloud from an on-premises solution requires your administrator to specify information about your database.

Intelligent Insights with Business Central

Viewing Intelligent Cloud Insights in Business Central Online

In your Business Central online company, the Intelligent Cloud Insights page shows four key points of interest for most businesses:

  • Cash availability
  • Sales profitability
  • Net income
  • Inventory value

Next to the KPI charts, you get insights into potential areas of concern, including overdue payments. Choose each insight to drill into the data.

Intelligent Insights with Business Central   The page also connects to Power BI for even more insights.

Viewing Intelligent Insights On-Premises

When your Dynamics 365 reselling partner has acquired the right license for your on-premises solution to connect to the cloud through Business Central, your administrator can set up the connection. Once that is done, you can view the same insights from the cloud in your on-premises application. Depending on the on-premises solution, the Intelligent Cloud Insights page can be embedded in the Home page or be a separate page as in Business Central online and on-premises.

Connecting to Business Central from other Dynamics products

If you use one of the supported on-premises versions, you can also connect to Business Central online and get intelligent insights on-premises.