We were in Industry 4.0 Activity

Industry 4.0, or in other words Industrial Revolution, is a definition that has dominated the production sector since 2010. During the process starting with the invention of steam machines, which was the first step of industrial revolution, the second phase was known as Industry 2.0, namely the establishment of production lines and transition to serial production. The automation period was defined as Industry 3.0 in which establishment of automation systems that minimized the human factor in serial production and starting of production with robots started. Today, the industrial process was interpreted with a new name, Industry 4.0, with the help of information systems that are build on automation processes and interpenetrated into all business processes starting from the first ring of supply chain to the customer satisfaction stage and that are used in industrial process with every moment.

We were in Industry 4.0 Activity

In the organization held by IDC Turkey in Istanbul Wyndham Grand Hotel on October 12, various sector representatives shared their experiences regarding the use of smart technologies in their institutions. The activity, in which the latest trends in the production sector was discussed, was a platform for in-depth analysis of industry’s future in Turkey.

Pargesoft General Manager Kaan Altunterim explained the digital transformation in product by combining Microsoft Cloud technologies with Microsoft’s Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM products in the new industrial revolution. Outlining this transformation as

  • More intelligent production with smart machines
  • Staying ahead by correctly anticipating what is next
  • Ability to produce smart analyses from the big data
  • To enrich the customer experience,

Kaan Altunterim indicated that the main leg of informatics to Industry 4.0 was to monitor product and service transformation and integrated customer experience was achieved by following data brought along with this transformation. Altunterim said “Experienced employees who quickly adapt to optimization of processes can adapt to new industrial revolution through smart systems,” and he explained about the place of information technologies in transition to Industry 4.0 on behalf of Microsoft and Pargesoft.

We were in Industry 4.0 Activity


About Pargesoft

Founded by the team that conducted Turkish localization activities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning Software in 2002, PargeSoft offers services in ERP application development and consultancy services. Average sector experience of its personnel exceeds 10 years in after-sales services and the company mainly focuses on after-sales services and training in staff employment.

Implementing successful projects with global companies such as Total, GFK, Do&Co,G4S, Honda Trading, IKEA, MCT, Adecco, BodyCote, TEB Arval, Nunhems, Houghton Kimya, Renault Trucks, Simge Antalis, Intermil and Sumitomo, PargeSoft is Solution Partner for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software.

Ranked in the 366th place among the First 500 Informatics Companies in 2011, the company registered its successful business graph in the field of ERP.

Microsoft President Club for Dynamics award, which is presented to its partners that are included in the 5% slice with high performance among business partners around the world, was given to Pargesoft in 2014 and 2015 due to its continuous customer satisfaction, innovative business solutions, increasing sales performance and sustainable business models.

Besides, our company was chosen as the business partner of the year in the branch of Microsoft Dynamics Business Partner (ERP) in 2014 and 2015 with its performance in sales, growth, solution development and customer satisfaction.